Coffee Roasters Essex

Coffee Roasters Essex: Types Of Grinds, Machines And Features You Should Know

Coffee is one of the most consumed beverages in the world. On average, people tend to have more than one cup of coffee a day. Most of them consume it in the morning to give them the caffeine boost they need to make it through the day. Meanwhile, others simply want to stay awake in the middle of an important meeting or paperwork. This is why it's not surprising that coffee roasters Essex are on the rise among offices, homes, and businesses.

When it comes to coffee roasters Essex, there are various types and makes you can choose from. Therefore, it's better if you know what exactly you want and how your coffee is done. This would help you select which one would suit you best. To help you, here are some information about such machines.

The Main Grind Types

As a coffee shop owner, you should be able to distinguish the various types of grinds that exist for various coffee types for great taste. After all, people will expect you to be more knowledgeable when it comes to coffee than anyone else. Learn more about them below:

1. Extra coarse grounds

Extra coarse grounds must look like peppercorns. They're best used for cold brews or toddy's, and perfect for lengthy submersions in water.

2. Coarse grounds

This type of coffee grind must have a similar consistency as chunky sea salt.

3. Medium-coarse grounds

Looking like sand, medium-coarse grounds needs an extraction time of about two minutes to get a balanced cup.

4. Medium grounds

Opting for a drip coffee? Grind to medium. This is your classic 'dump in the basket' grind size that will produce what can only be called your 'generic cup of coffee'.

5. Medium-fine grounds

Such grind size is perfect for siphon coffees and pour overs. A medium-fine grind is a great foundational grind for testing new ways of brewing coffee.

6. Fine grounds

When it comes to espresso, fine grounds are perfect. Of course, tuning an espresso machine requires you to coarsen up or make fine your coffee grind, but generally speaking, finely ground coffee is a good benchmark espresso grind.

Different Kinds Of Bean-To-Cup Coffee Machines

If you're planning to buy bean-to-cup coffee machines, you should determine first the type that you want to use in your café. Listed below are some bean-to-cup coffee machines you should know of:

1. Bean-to-cup coffee machines with no milk system

If you are a diehard espresso or black coffee gourmet, but you want an easy solution for your coffee preparation process, opt for those machines that have no milk system but have an integrated grinder.

2. Bean-to-cup coffee machines with manual milk frother

Even the toughest black coffee fans sometimes have a craving for a coffee with milk. In such case, the ideal option price-wise is the machine with a manual milk frother and a grinder. It might take some time to learn how to froth that perfect milk foam, but when you do, barista-like confidence is guaranteed. This type of bean-to-cup is the best compromise when it comes to people with different coffee preferences, as it is sure that not a single drop of milk will ever reach the espresso.

3. Bean-to-cup coffee machines with automatic milk system

A more expensive, yet probably the most convenient option, is a coffee machine with an automatic milk system. Such automatic coffee machines are very much ideal for those who are into milky coffees. With a touch of a button, this coffee machine will grind the beans of your choice, prepare an espresso and froth up a velvety milk foam.

Now that you have all the information you need for buying coffee roasters Essex, it would surely be easier for you to choose which one would suit your needs. In case you're still having second doubts, keep in mind that not only does coffee have amazing health benefits, but having an efficient and user-friendly machine means that you can have a nice cup of coffee whenever you want it and save yourself some money since you won't be buying it from expensive shops anymore. The time you save waiting in the coffee shop will also allow you to practice different types of latte art to impress your guests or even start your own business!

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